11 Ways to Ask for a Skin & Co. Gift

The holidays are coming up, and who wouldn’t want a Skin & Co gift card for the holidays? If you said yes, this list of ways to hint for the ultimate Skin & Co gift is for you.

1. Add “monthly facial treatment” to your gift list.

2. Leave an appointment card and instructions on how to get a gift card from Skin & Co. in a strategic place.
3. Tell your significant other’s friend or family member to tell him or her.
4. Ask for a day at the spa with your daughter/sister/ cousin/best friend (or all of the above).
5. Be hypothetical, “Hypothetically, if I was buying a gift for me, I’d…”
6. Show your list for Santa to your significant other/family member/friend.
7. Add an alarm to your gift giver’s phone with the label, “Head over to Skin & Co. for a gift card.”
8. Leave an empty bottle of your favorite product in a strategic place with a tag that says, “Please refill with Skin & Co. gift card.”
9. Just say, “You know, I’d really, really appreciate a gift card from Skin & Co. this year. You can call Kelly at 608-561-2088 and she’ll have it ready for you to pick up.” 
10. Forward on this e-mail or send them a message with a link to the Skin & Co. Facebook page.
11. Buy a gift card, wrap it, put your name on the gift tag, and leave it on your significant other’s dresser.  
We’re here to help make your holiday wish come true! Let your friends and family know we can ship gift cards and products or have them available for pick-up!

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