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How is your skin health?


How is your skin health?

With the dry air and cold weather approaching, this is the ideal time to gauge the health of your skin. Is your skin dry? Could it be firmer? Do you have issues with uneven skin tone? Consider adding one of these treatments to your skin care regime:

  • Microdermabrasion addresses any number of skin concerns, such as acne, fine lines, scarring, and pore size. Prior to service, a complete skin analysis is done so this exfoliating treatment is customized to the client’s skin health.

  • Chemical exfoliation improves skin tone with a carefully-selected chemical peel chosen for the client’s skin. This treatment hydrates and exfoliates.

  • Facials nourish and replenish the skin, providing a full-sensory experience. Because skin needs are different, the exact facial is chosen specifically for the client. Facials are produced with ingredients that clear complexions, rejuvenate skin, and make skin younger- and healthier-looking.

  • ReZENerate is a relaxing treatment that promptly corrects fine lines, skin imperfections, age spots, and oily and dry skin. This custom skin treatment nourishes and reinvigorates, giving skin a youthful look.

  • Dermaplaning gently removes dulling dead skin cells and peach fuzz. This treatment allows for the better absorption of skin care products…and you ready to take on the world with brighter skin.


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Overwhelm Your Senses with a Fall Facial

Apples, cinnamon, nutmeg. Indulge yourself in a full autumn sensory experience, and reap the benefits of these natural facial ingredients. Apples have Vitamin C, antioxidants, and naturally-occurring malic acid, all of which play an integral part in skin exfoliation. For younger-looking skin, harness the power of nutmeg and cinnamon (cinnamon also creates a warming sensation that’s sure to delight).

This fall facial hydrates and tightens the skin, and enhances skin tone and suppleness. Only $75, or pair microdermabrasion or dermaplaning with this facial for $120!

Made in Wisconsin: An Incredible, Organic Facial

This facial, made entirely with organic ingredients, makes your skin glow! The secret is the all-natural, plant-infused, organic ingredients: red alalea and Hawaiian black lava salts, activated charcoal, and shea butters (just to name a few). The green tea rejuvenates skin cells, mexican marigold infusions heal skin, and cactus seed oil boosts skin elasticity. The cost for this wonderful healing facial is only $65, and can be combined with microdermabrasion or dermaplaning. These fantastic facial products are from a Wisconsin-based company! All facial products are available in-store and are 10% off!


New location, new facial, new savings!

Get an up close and personal look at our new location!

We’ve moved into our new location on Mineral Point Road (in Clock Tower Court inside the mini mall). Come check out our new space! Our new location allows us to offer our “old” services and products PLUS a host of new services. Watch future newsletters for information (or just ask us for details)!

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Find out why Rezenerate facials are a global sensation!

Fine lines. Blemishes. Skin tone. Pigmentation.

All of these skin issues can be addressed and corrected with the Rezenerate Nanofacial. (It can even be applied on lips and under eyes!)

Schedule an appointment to experience the immediate and lasting results of this wonderful facial…


AND save money on your first few Rezenerate Nanofacial experiences!


We’re moving!!!

We’re moving! Come see our new location!

We’re moving to a new location (open August 1st!)so we can offer new services and products you want. We’d like to customize our new location to meet your needs.


We don’t need you to help pack boxes or load the truck. All you need to do is click on this link and take a short survey. As an added perk, receive 20% off any service or product order when you bring in the confirmation page at the end of the survey.

Thanks in advance! We appreciate your time and input.

Mark your calendar for our Open House!

You are invited to our new location!
The Skin & Co.,
6618 Mineral Point Rd., Madison
August 10
9 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Join us for door prizes, package pricing on services, product discounts from 15-50% off, gift bags, drinks, and refreshments!



Answer a few questions, GET 20% off!

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! You are valuable to us, and so is your input! We want to plan for the future, but we don’t want to do so WITHOUT your input.What would you like us to do for you in the future? What else would you like from us? What can we do to make your experience better?

Tell us. Click here to take a survey about what you want to see in the future at The Skin & Co.

As an added incentive, bring in the survey confirmation page (page after survey is complete) and we’ll give you 


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Treat your body & revitalize your mind

Treating yourself is about more than pampering yourself. It’s about revitalization. This month, we’re giving you (and your Mom) ways to treat your body so you feel reinvigorated and prepared for whatever comes your way.




We’re starting with a Mother’s Day gift that keeps giving. Buy a $50 gift card and receive a $10 gift card to give as a gift (or keep for yourself!)

This month, enjoy 30% off all Phytomer products!

We’re excited about Phytomer products, and this is your chance to see why. As a leader in marine biotechnology, these products are specially formulated with unique ingredients that provide an all-encompassing sensory experience, while cleansing and treating your skin. Stop in to see our line-up of Phytomer products and ask what product is right for your skin and helps you reach your goals.

ONLY  $99


Schedule a dermaplaning & microdermabrasion and save $16!


Sick of dry air? Refresh & renew your skin.

 These days we’re hearing lots of anti-cold weather sentiments from our clients. We agree! The cold temps do a number on our skin, so we’re offering numerous spring specials that hydrate and fight back against the effects of winter’s dry air.




Spring is in the air with this month’s facial. Give your skin the full-sensory experience of fresh blackberries. This facial is packed with natural enzymes that firm and boost for youthful, smooth skin. A vanilla bean hydrating mask follows, using the natural antioxidant properties of vanillin to neutralize free radicals and enhance your skin tone. ONLY $70! Book your facial today


FREE Facial Waxing with ALL Facials booked in APRIL!! Choose between eyebrow, lip or chin. Offer expires 4/30/2018



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Dermaplaning and microdermabrasion remove old cells and build-up on your face for brighter, clearer skin. These exfoliation treatments leave your skin looking radiant and healthy (and please don’t  be intimidated by our specialty equipment, your face is in experienced hands!).



ONLY $99

Schedule a dermaplaning AND microdermabrasion for this low 

spring price!

Save $16. Offer Expires 04/30/2018.

Feel sweeter, look younger with this month’s facial

Our favorite part of this month’s facial is that it’s gentle enough for anyone—including ourLoading pregnant customers or those who have sensitive skin. Your favorite part of this facial (besides the divine scent) is going to be the wonderful benefits of the raspberry peach enzyme and white peach nourishing mask.

The raspberry peach enzymes soothes the skin, eliminates annoying skin irritations, and provides anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects. With a touch of hibiscus flower and pumpkin, this facial also exfoliates and refreshes. The peach in the facial softens the skin and provides an aromatic experience that’ll leave you looking younger AND walking away feeling relaxed and renewed.

Only $70 for this complete sensory experience and skin treatment!

Cherry + chocolate = delicious, moist skin!

Cherry and chocolate are more than a favorite Valentine’s Day (and all year) treat. Ideal for normal and combination skin, the cherry enzyme exfoliates and hydrates; your skin will look youthful (from the Vitamin E!) and as bright as the summer sun (from the arbutin and kojic in the treatment). The cocoa (chocolate!), glycerin, and squalane instantaneously moisturize your skin—and keep moisturizing as you head out in the cold and dry weather.